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Leadership and Service Management Policy

Policy Rationale

This policy provides clear guidelines, expectations and commitments to the Training, Professional Development, and management supervision of MakerDojo staff as they deliver School Holiday Programs. This policy provides organisational commitment for the:  

  • Training and professional development of staff in the delivery of safe, compliant, and well-informed holiday programs.  
  • Reporting structures and active supervision of staff in the delivery of safe, compliant, and well-informed holiday programs.   

Holiday Program Staff Training and Professional Development 

MakerDojo requires all Holiday Program staff to attend and actively engage in training and professional development sessions.   

MakerDojo’s Management provides quality education and care training sessions to staff. 

Continuous Improvement and Guidance 

MakerDojo believes in continual assessment and evaluation of the program by management, staff members, parents and children is an integral part of service planning and development. It is also critical to running a high-quality education and care service that meets community needs and the achievement of key learning outcomes for children.  

  • Children and parents will be offered an evaluation form at the end of each program. Children and families are also welcome to provide verbal or written feedback to staff members at any time during the program. Such feedback will be documented via the contact form on the MakerDojo website ( or passed on verbally to the Master Sensei (Nominated Supervisor).  
  • A variety of survey techniques will be used with children, which may include informal discussions, a suggestion box, written surveys and group discussions.  
  •  Staff members provide regular feedback on all aspects of the program. Staff members critically reflect on program experiences, day to day procedures, OH&S matters, interactions with children and service delivery in general to ensure that the service continues to reflect the needs of our community.  
  • Management team, Educational Sensei and Master Sensei (Nominated Supervisor) to discuss and evaluate the previous program and plan for the next program; review and consider staff member feedback so that Master Sensei (Nominated Supervisor) can act as effective liaisons to the staff members during program periods 
  • All feedback forms the basis of future service planning and development. 

Holiday Program Staff Training and Supervision Procedures 

Rosters and Pre-program Training  

MakerDojo’s management will ensure programs are rostered to meet the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 with appropriate child to Sensei (General Staff Member) ratios. 

  • MakerDojo’s management prepare rosters based on legislative and compliance requirements. Each staff members qualifications, experience, skill, availability and the number of children booked into each program, determines rostering of each staff member.  
  • All program staff are required to attend a minimal amount of training prior to a holiday period in order to receive rostered shifts. The training requirements vary based on staff experience level.  
  • Failure to attend training sessions will result in cancelation of any rostered shifts. 

 Staff Grievance Procedures 

MakerDojo is a Fair Work place and as such commits to fostering and cultivating positive relations across all staff including, program staff and management. MakerDojo aims to create an environment where all staff feel valued and supported. Each staff member has the right to a trusted and supportive platform to raise grievances. In supporting all staff, this platform should provide a clear process for grievance resolution. In respecting all staff, MakerDojo commits to resolve disputes, issues, or concerns in a manner that minimises the impact on the service, customers and/or other staff members.  

  • MakerDojo seeks to promote through induction, training and general information the creation of an environment where open communication and discussion is encouraged.  
  • Where staff member/s have complaint/s or grievance/s, he/she is encouraged to discuss the issue with the relevant Sensei (General Staff Member) in the first instance.  
  • Where further action is required, or a resolution has not been achieved, the staff member is encouraged to contact the Master Sensei (Nominated Supervisor).  
  • Should the issue still not be resolved with the assistance of the Master Sensei, the matter will be referred to a MakerDojo Director. One or both of whom will endeavor to support a resolution.  
  • Should a resolution still not be reached, the matter may be referred to an Independent Mediator.  
  • Any grievances received will be responded to within 2 working days wherever possible.  
  • All grievances will be handled in a professional and confidential manner.  
  • Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint in a satisfactory manner.  
  • All steps will be documented to ensure that outcomes or processes can be evaluated and amended as necessary to inform continuous service improvement. 

MakerDojo is committed to maintaining up to date and relevant policies and policy implementation. Policy documents are developed in line with State and Commonwealth legislation, industry regulations and practice, and current research on child development.  

Service Management Procedures 


• MakerDojo provides all organisational policies to all staff and parents/guardians, as well as approved persons on request. (R185)  

• The policies are reviewed on a regular basis, at least annually.  

• Parents/guardians have access to our website at all times which outlines general program information, major policy areas and key aspects of the program so that families are kept informed of their responsibilities with regard to the service. (R185)  

• Any policy changes will be in line with the service philosophy, quality practices and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children.  

• Families and staff members will be informed of changes to service policies through updates on the service website.  

Prescribed Enrolment and Other Documents  

The below prescribed documents will be kept under regulation 177 in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011)   

• Evaluations of the program  

• Incident, injury and accident reports and documents  

• Medical records and documents  

• Service assessments attendance records for both staff and children  

• Enrolment records  

• Records of the service compliance  

  • ACECQA National Quality Framework Resource Kit (2012)  
  • Quality Area 7 – Leadership and Service Management  
  • Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011), R 73, 74, 75, 177 & 185  
  • Education and Care Services National Law Act (2010), S 165  
Version control date: March 2021 | To be reviewed: December 2021