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Inclusion Support Programme (ISP)

MakerDojo’s Inclusion Support Program

The Inclusion Support Program (ISP) assists early childhood and child care (ECEC) services to include children with additional needs alongside their peers, through provision of tailored inclusion advice and support from Inclusion Agencies (IA) and access to funded support and specialist equipment where required.

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If you have ticked ‘yes’ for additional needs for your child/ren in MakerDojo’s Registration form, please download, fill out and return the below forms to ASAP.

ISP ECEC VIA Consent form (Service Name: MakerDojo)

DESE Permission to share personal information for the ISP (Service Name: MakerDojo):

Please also provide a medical diagnosis.

Option A: A photo of your health care card (Child Disability) that is signed. This option requires updating every 12 months.

Option B: Diagnosis letter (within 12 months of date) from your GP or a report from a health care professional. This is permanent and does NOT require updating every 12 months.

Children with additional needs

While there is no national definition of ‘additional needs’, there are children who may need or require special considerations or adaptions  to participate fully in ECEC services (although not all children with additional needs will require support).

Additional needs may arise for children who:

  • have a disability or developmental delay
  • are presenting with challenging behaviours
  • have a serious medical or health condition, including mental health
  • are presenting with trauma-related behaviours.

Meeting the needs and requirements of:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
  • children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • children from refugee or humanitarian backgrounds

may also require specific considerations, such as cultural support, to ensure that these children are able to participate fully in ECEC services and experience positive outcomes.

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