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Staffing Policy

Policy Rationale

MakerDojo considers its employment of staff of utmost importance to ensure that MakerDojo services deliver excellence, whilst also adhering to the Education and Care Services National Law Act (2010) and Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011). 

Management Structure

As of 2019, MakerDojo has two directors who are also able to hold the roles of nominated supervisor (Master Sensei). MakerDojo employs casual staff as operational personnel. MakerDojo plans to formalise employment to create ongoing staff in the near future.

There may be times where the nominated supervisor (Master Sensei) nominates a responsible person (Sensei).

Staff Expectations

Staff are expected to assist in the positive running of our Holiday Programs. They are employed to ensure that all programs are inclusive of all children regardless of gender, culture, ethnicity, religion or disability. Staff are to ensure that a warm and supportive atmosphere with opportunities for free play, creativity, physical activity and integration of all children is always promoted. Staff are expected to follow all MakerDojo’s policies and to work within the service’s policy of behaviour guidance and strategies for dealing with bullying.


Staff Qualifications & Training Requirements

  • All staff must have an appropriate and current Working With Children Check (WWCC) or current VIT registration; a copy of which must be kept on record.
  • A police check for any staff may be requested at the discretion of the Master Sensei or MakerDojo Director.
  • There will always be at least one Level 2 first aid qualified staff member at every program.
  • All staff are encouraged to undertake any sort of professional development that relates to employment at the service. Staff are recommended to discuss any ideas for professional development with the Educational Sensei for approval.
  • All staff who are employed by MakerDojo need to be capable of providing an adequate standard of child care, they need to be suitably qualified and/or experienced and meet the requirements set out in their position description.
  • All staff must be free of alcohol and drugs when working at MakerDojo.  Smoking is not allowed while at MakerDojo.
    • Any staff found to be in violation of this will have their employment terminated immediately.

Position Definitions and Responsibilities

See role descriptions.

Staff: Child Ratios

The service has approval to provide thirty Holiday Program places. MakerDojo will always maintain a minimum of two staff at all times and will meet or exceed a ratio of 1:14 (staff:student) as outlined in the National Standards.


MakerDojo is an equal opportunity employer and seeks to employ people regardless of gender, culture, ethnicity, religion or disability.

Volunteers and Student Placements

  • Student placements are encouraged via registered childcare providers or local educational institutions.
  • Student placements or their educational facility must provide MakerDojo with a copy of the student’s WWC Volunteer Card and any other relevant documentation.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the planning process for all programming.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to participate in the MakerDojo Holidays Program.
  • Volunteers must have a valid WWC Volunteer Card; a copy of which must be kept on record.
  • A police check for any volunteer may be requested at the discretion of the Master Sensei or MakerDojo Director.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to participate in the planning process for all programming.

Induction and Training

All new staff will have a detailed induction that includes:

  • A staff handbook which includes a copy of all policies and procedures
  • A copy of their contract (where applicable) which includes conditions and pay rate
  • A tour of the service and school grounds
  • A copy of their relevant position description, including their responsibilities in maintaining compliance with Family Assistance Law
  • Record keeping procedures, such as for enrolment, attendance and absences
  • Third-party software training

Training sessions will be held prior to each holiday period. All staff currently rostered for upcoming vacation care are required to attend. Training will be facilitated by the Educational Leader and/or Nominated Supervisor/s. Topics will include:

  • Record keeping
  • Third-party software training
  • Absences and Attendances processes
  • Policies review such as parent complaints relating to CCS and ACCS
  • Enrolment procedures and assisting parents
  • Program briefings

The efficacy of training will be assessed formally and informally via a range of methods including:

  • Observations
  • Quiz/Test
  • Conversations/Discussions
  • Staff Annual/Periodical Reviews
  • Staff Feedback

Following induction, a MakerDojo Director will add the employee as service personnel via the PRODA PEP.

All ongoing staff will be reviewed on an annual basis. All causal staff will be reviewed periodically. All staff have the opportunity to regularly provide feedback.

Dress Code

  • Staff must always wear a MakerDojo t-shirt, Gi or other supplied uniform.
  • All other clothing must be appropriate to be worn around children.
  • Staff must always wear shoes that have adequate support, i.e. runners, covered shoes, sandals with an ankle strap/support. Any injury incurred while unsatisfactory footwear is being worn will result in a loss of any work cover entitlements or insurance claims. Continual failure to wear correct footwear will result in warnings, loss of shifts and possible termination.
  • All staff must abide by the school’s sun smart policy and wear hats when outside during the summer holiday programs.


  • All staff are employed and paid at or above the School Services Officer award.
  • Wages are paid directly into each staff member’s nominated bank account within 2 weeks of receiving an invoice from the contractor following the conclusion of the holiday period.
  • Any concerns regarding pay should be discussed with the Master Sensei or MakerDojo Directors.
  • All causal staff are required to have their own ABN.


  • Rosters are distributed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the commencement of holiday programs. Each staff member will receive their roster by email.
  • All staff have the option of submitting and amending availabilities throughout their employment. Please notify the Master Sensei or MakerDojo Director with advanced warnings of days when you are unavailable via

Unwell Staff

  • Staff who are ill or unable to work due to injury at any time and unable to come to work must contact the Master Sensei or MakerDojo Director no later than 12hrs prior to their rostered shift so that a replacement staff member can be found.
  • You are not permitted to work if you have an exclusion communicable disease as set out by the Victorian Health Department.

Grievance and Complaints Procedure

All members of the school community have access to internal and/or external grievance resolution processes where they consider they have been treated unfairly or unreasonably in any matter related to the MakerDojo Holiday Programs.

This policy aims to ensure that all grievances are resolved by negotiation and discussion between the parties concerned, with the upmost level of confidentiality and in the quickest time possible.

MakerDojo shall ensure that all grievances are acknowledged, recorded and addressed in accordance with the Staff Complaints Handling Policy.


  • All staff are employed as contractors on a casual basis.
  • As all staff are employed as contractors on a casual basis, termination can occur at any time. However, MakerDojo believes that staff deserve fair treatment and will be warned and given the opportunity to improve on areas that are highlighted as deficient.
  • All staff will be given the opportunity to have an exit interview.
Version control date: March 2021 | To be reviewed: December 2021