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Sun Smart Policy

Policy Rationale

MakerDojo programs conducted outdoors will support Sun Smart practices. The purpose of this Sun Smart Policy is to ensure that all children and staff members attending our programs are protected from the harmful effects of exposure to UV radiation. This policy is informed by guidelines from 


A combination of sun protection measures will be used throughout the year. 

From September to the end of April, or wherever the UV levels are predicted to reach 3 and above, parents will be asked to provide a Sun Smart hat and clothing for their child. MakerDojo will supply a SPF 50+ broad-spectrum sunscreen for use by children and staff. Parents whose children have sensitivities to some sunscreens will be asked to provide their own supply. 

In relation to being Sun Smart all staff members will: 

  • Ensure that all children attending each program are protected from the harmful UV effects of the sun during the recommended times of the day. (Staff members are to refer to the sun smart website or App); 
  • Educate children on the Sun Smart Policy; 
  • Inform parents of the Sun Smart Policy and ensure that the Sun Smart Policy is displayed at the program; 
  • Ensure when children are playing outside during the peak UV times of the day that they: 
    • Have access to adequate shaded and/or covered areas; 
    • Wear hats that protect the face, neck and ears; 
    • Have applied a SPF 50+ broad-spectrum sunscreen prior to going outside; 
  • Ensure all staff members act as positive role models for children. All Staff members must wear a sun smart approved hat during outdoor play; 
  • Ensure that adequate shade is provided during outdoor activities. 
Version control date: March 2021 | To be reviewed: December 2021