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The MakerDojo Tikun Project

Did you know that MakerDojo is:

More than just an engaging holiday program?

More than just “Making Through Learning”?

More than just STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)?

Also about sustainability?

That’s right. We use pre-loved cardboard boxes and other materials ‘where possible’. We try to teach our participants about ‘Learning Through Making’ by reusing, reducing and recycling. We’d love to remove the ‘where possible’ part. But we can’t do this alone. We need your help.

Tikun is a hebrew word that means ‘repair’. The MakerDojo Tikun Project aims to help repair the world by thinking sustainably and collaboratively. We gather a variety of materials to help our participants learn through making in an environmentally-friendly way.

You too can join the MakerDojo Tikun Project by donating equipment and materials that you no longer have a use for. Below is a list of equipment and materials that we are currently requesting:

Cardboard: boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, tubes, and other interesting shapes and textures

Technology: Working laptops, iPads, old phones, 3D printers, and cameras

Balls: Table tennis balls, golf balls, marbles

Pipes: clean and child-safe pipes & tubes. Any shape, colour, size, or length.

Unused chopsticks, paper towel inner rolls, shoe and tissue boxes.

OUR TARGET = 100% reused and recycled materials and equipment.

If you would like to contribute any of the above or you have something else that you would like to contribute but are unsure if it is required or appropriate, please see the contact details below:

We will gladly come to you for collection.

Thank you for contributing to the MakerDojo Tikun Project. Together we can repair our planet through education and a little inspiration.