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When the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) commenced on 2 July 2018, it replaced the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) with a single, means-tested subsidy that is paid directly to providers to be passed on to families. It is simpler than the previous multi-payment system.
The Family Child Care Subsidy Estimator is available to make it easy for families to estimate their subsidy entitlement. This gives parents and carers an idea of what their new subsidy might be under the New Child Care Package. The estimator is user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to fill out.
  • To access the Subsidy Estimator, click here.
Please register a MyGov account as this will be important in authorising Enrolments and allowing the CCS to be accessed.
  • To create your MyGov account, click here.
  • To confirm your child's enrolment details for Child Care Subsidy, click here.
If you are not eligible or do not want to claim the CCS then please follow the same process as for those claiming the CCS by booking into our programs and filling out the enrolment form. When you fill out the enrolment form just leave out the CCS section.
The CWA (Complying Written Agreement) is an agreement between the Childcare Centre service provider (MakerDojo) and a parent or guardian, to provide childcare in exchange for fees. A CWA fulfills two primary objectives:
  1. A child is taken to have begun enrolment when an approved care provider and parent/guardian enter into a complying written agreement (CWA), and
  2. For a care session and eligibility for CCS, a parent/guardian must have incurred an expense payable for the session under a CWA.
The CWA can be modified at any time to change a childcare subsidy status. It must detail the following information to be approved by parents or guardians via the MyGov website before they are activated:
  • The provider and parents contact names and details.
  • The date from which the arrangement is effective.
  • Session days and start/end times care to be provided most of the time.
  • Is the care on a flexible/casual or routine arrangement?
  • Details of the fees to be charged under the arrangement (or known as a fee schedule).
A CWA is a written letter and can be in electronic or hardcopy form.
Families transitioning from the old CCSS or new families coming onto the CCS will require a CWA to access their subsidy entitlements.
  • A "transitioning family” is a family that has been enrolled at MakerDojo on or before the 29th of March, 2018.
  • A “new family” is a family who has joined MakerDojo on or after the 30th of March, 2018.
Under Family Assistance Law, an enrolment starts on the day a provider (MakerDojo) enters into a complying written arrangement (CWA) with you, the parent (i.e. the day, you, the parent, confirms their agreement to the arrangement).
Generally, enrolments ‘cease’ when the CWA or other care arrangement ends, for example, because your child no longer attends MakerDojo. As MakerDojo provides vacation care, the enrolment ends 14 weeks after the child last attended a MakerDojo session of care. Please note, this is a government requirement. This means that if your child does NOT attend MakerDojo every holiday period, your child will need to re-enrol at MakerDojo but please be reassured, that it is a very quick and painless process. It should only take you about 1 minute for each child to re-enrol. You will need to confirm the new enrolment before CCS can be determined and paid on your behalf. You can confirm enrolments through Centrelink Online or the Express Plus mobile phone app.
  • For a step-by-step guide (with pictures) on how to re-enrol your child at MakerDojo, click here.
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