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Fees and Charges Policy

Policy Rationale

MakerDojo supports a fee system that is affordable and accessible to all families and ensures the program maintains viability. Eligible families will be able access fee relief in the form of Child Care Subsidy (CCS). If you have any questions relating to your Centrelink benefits or entitlements, please contact the Department of Human Services – through the Family Assistance Office (FAO) on 13 61 50. 


Fees will be set annually as part of our annual budget process.  

MakerDojo will record fee payments and bookings through a suitable third-party administration package that meets Commonwealth Government requirements for claiming CCS payments and in line with the Child Care Management System (CCMS) requirements. 

  • You must pay all MakerDojo accounts when booking in your child via Direct Debit from a Bank Account or by Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard only). Fees and charges for MakerDojo Services are subject to change. Please refer to our website for up to date fees and booking terms and conditions.
  • You will keep your bank account and credit card details up to date at all times. Fees are payable via EFT, direct debit or credit card.  
  • Bookings will not be accepted from families who have outstanding monies owing from previous programs or owing to other childcare providers.  

Banking of Fees:

All payments to MakerDojo via the payment gateway will include a processing fee. Current fees are:

  • Up to $2.00 per transaction.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS):

  • If you intend on claiming any subsidy for MakerDojo Services, it is your responsibility to supply MakerDojo with correct CRNs (which differ between Parents/Guardians and individual children), dates of birth and names via the third party software through MakerDojo online portal. This information in the MakerDojo portal account must match the information given to the Family Assistance Office and be provided to MakerDojo before your child’s attendance at the Service. All information you provide to MakerDojo regarding entitlement to Child Care Subsidy must be correct, up to date and consistent with the information you provide to Centrelink. More information about the CCS enrollment process can be found at
    • The MakerDojo Service is a fully approved service for Centrelink purposes and will submit the registered child’s attendances to Centrelink every Friday.
    • MakerDojo, in accordance with CCS, can only submit attendances up to a maximum of 28 days from your attendance.
    • Child Care Subsidy Accountability: MakerDojo will keep Parents/Guardians informed about the processes for securing CCS payments by providing or updating information on the MakerDojo website. MakerDojo Programs are Approved Services with the Department of Education (Federal).
    • Should fraud or dishonesty in relation to CCS payments be detected, MakerDojo is required to report this to Centrelink and the Family Assistance Office. MakerDojo reserves the right to suspend your account while this issue is investigated. You will be unable to make any further bookings with MakerDojo until the matter is resolved.

Confirmation of Enrolment

  • Once the family have placed bookings with MakerDojo (Innov8 eLearning), MakerDojo (Innov8 eLearning) will submit enrolment notice to Centrelink.
  • Centrelink will confirm request with the family.
    • Once the family have confirmed the enrolment with Centrelink, Centrelink will notify MakerDojo (Innov8 eLearning).

Child Care Subsidy Allowable Absences

  • MakerDojo will ensure that families receive CCS for days their child is absent from the program where the absences fall within Commonwealth Guidelines.

Allowable Absence Procedures:

  • Families are entitled to 42 absence days per child, per financial year, and may be entitled to additional absence days in certain circumstances (including illness of the child, a parent or sibling). In shared care arrangements, the allocation of 42 absences per financial year relates to the child, not each individual claimant.
    • Under the Child Care Subsidy, when a child does not attend care on a day they are scheduled to attend, providers are able to claim an absence for the child up to 42 times in a financial year, so long as on the day the absence is claimed, Child Care Subsidy would have been claimed (i.e. the child would have otherwise been in care, and the family hasn’t already reached their fortnightly entitlement of subsidised hours based on their activity test result).
    • Once the 42-day allowable absences have been reached, CCS is not paid for any further absences, and full fees are charged. Additional absence days beyond the initial 42 allowable absences are available for the following reasons, defined in the Family Assistance Law:
      • Your child, yourself, your partner or another person with whom the child lives is ill.
      • Your child is attending preschool.
      • Alternative arrangements have been made on a pupil-free day.
      • Your child has not been immunised against a particular infectious disease, the absence occurs during an immunisation grace period, and a medical practitioner has certified that exposure to the infectious disease would pose a health risk to your child.
      • The absence is because your child is spending time with a person other than the individual who is their usual carer as required by a court order or a parenting plan.
      • The service is closed as a direct result of a period of local emergency.
      • Your child cannot attend because of a local emergency (e.g. because they are unable to travel to the service), during the period of the emergency or up to 28 days afterwards.
      • You have decided that your child should not attend the service for up to seven days immediately following the end of a period of local emergency. Evidence will be required for additional absence days.

Late Pick Up Fees:

If a parent/guardian fails to pick up their child by the advertised closing time, the parent/guardian will be charged a late fee. This fee is to cover the additional costs of keeping the service open beyond the closing time of the service. There shall be a minimum of two staff members present at the service at all times. A staff member with all required qualifications will remain at the service until the last child has been picked up.  

Late Pick Up Fee Procedures:  

  • If a child is at the service later than 4pm, then that child will be deemed to be in extended care and charged the extended care rate of $25.
  • If there is no extended care scheduled then a late fee of $10 for every 15 minute period or part thereof will apply if a child is at the service after closing time:
    • Closing time is 4pm if no extended care taking place on the day.
    • Closing time is 5pm if extended care concludes at 5pm.
    • Closing time is 6pm if extended care concludes at 6pm.

 This fee will be charged per child.  

  • All late attendances will be documented and noted on the final statement.  
  • Parents are given clear notification that they should inform the program if they know they will be late. 
  • If this situation occurs more than 3 times in a program, the remainder of the bookings may be cancelled.  

Extended Hours Care:

If a parent/guardian requires extended hours care before and/or after normal MakerDojo business operating hours, the following fees shall be charged. The request and payment for extended hours care must be made in writing 24 hrs prior either via our website or via email (

Drop off may take place from 8.30am.

Extended hours are 4.00-6.00pm with a $25 fee per child.

A minimum of 3 children are required for extended care to occur.

Extended Hours Late Pick up Fee Procedures:

  • A late fee of $10 for every 15 minute period or part thereof will apply if a child is at the service after extended care closing time:
  • Extended care closing time is 5pm if extended care concludes at 5pm.
  • Extended care closing time is 6pm if extended care concludes at 6pm.
  • This fee will be charged per child.  
  • All late attendances will be documented and noted on the final statement.  
  • Parents are given clear notification that they should inform the program if they know they will be late. 
  • If this situation occurs more than 3 times in a program, the remainder of the booking may be cancelled.  

Cancellation of Extended Hours Care – Fees and Refunds:

Families are required to notify the service of any changes to extended hours care arrangements in writing to 24hrs prior to the program. MakerDojo will offer credits for the Extended Hours Care and any costs associated with the booking where cancellation is made more than 24hrs prior to the commencement of the program or in emergency situations that are outside the parents’ control. These requests will be managed on a case-by-case basis.  

Cancellation of Extended Hours Care Procedures:

• Once an enrolment form and payment has been accepted, a credit will not be issued unless cancellation is made in writing prior to 24hrs notice.  

• Refunds will be issued if program has been forced to change from what was initially planned.  

Overdue Fees:

  • MakerDojo encourages Parents/Guardians to telephone the MakerDojo Customer Service team to discuss any difficulties they may have in meeting payments and make suitable arrangements to pay, including the option of a payment plan.
    • If payment of fees does not occur by the due date, your account may be suspended, and your bookings cancelled. If non-payment of fees continues then the debt will be referred to a collection agency, and any associated costs involved with using such agency will be at your expense.
    • If your payment is declined for your designated account, then a dishonour fee will be charged, depending on the reason for the declined payment. MakerDojo reserve the right to cancel your booking if you have two consecutive failed payments.
    • You will be unable to make any further bookings with MakerDojo while you have any outstanding debt for Services.
Staff Training and Compliance

All MakerDojo staff will undertake periodical training to:

  • Ensure that all staff members are aware of the requirements under family assistance law in relation to CCS.
  • Ensure that all staff have reviewed all policies and are familiar with their obligations and responsibilities.
  • Ensure all staff (i.e. Responsible Persons) are able to undertake activities required to maintain CCS compliance.

Staff are encouraged to identify any areas of training need to the Directors in writing.  

MakerDojo reserves the right to conduct reviews to ensure that staff are fit and proper and continue to meet fit and proper requirements which may include:

  • Criminal history check
  • Working with children check
  • History of compliance check
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency check
  • Any additional information as required by the Regulatory Authority
  • ACECQA National Quality Framework Resource Kit (2012)  
  • Quality Area 7 – Leadership and service management  
  • Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011). R168  
Version control date: July 2021 | To be reviewed: December 2021